Tim GrantManaging Member, Financial Advisor, New York Office Branch Manager

Year joined H.G. Wellington:



Tim believes in a growth stock strategy. He works hard to come up with new ideas for his clients. He typically invests new money in companies whose earnings are expected to grow at an above-average rate compared to its industry or the overall market.

Previous Experience/Career Highlights:

Tim joined H.G Wellington, the predecessor firm to Wellington Shields & Co., in 1991 as the President and CEO. Following the merger with Shields and Company in 2009, he became Co-President of the combined companies until 2012 when he was named Vice Chairman of Wellington Shields Capital Management. During the period 1996-2006 he was also the President, CEO and Director of the Pax World Funds, the first socially responsible mutual fund group. Earlier, Tim was a Senior Partner at Fahnestock & Co. for 24 years during which he was Syndicate Manager in charge of both Investment Banking and Municipal Banking. For a period of time, Fahnestock was a division of Nesbitt Thomson a predecessor firm of Nesbitt Burns, based in Toronto, and Tim was recognized for his leadership skills there. Throughout his career, Tim has served on numerous boards including NASD (District 12) and was appointed Director of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) from 2003-2007. He was appointed to New York Area Firms Advisory Committee of the NYSE from 1994-1997 and chosen as a member of the Senior Governing Council of the Securities Industry Association (now SIFMA), from 1977-1979.  Tim was a Sergeant in the US Army.

Education and Certifications:

  • University of North Carolina, BA

Other Interests and/or affiliations:

Tim cherishes his time spent with his wife, children, and grandchildren. You may find Tim on the tennis court, but not with quite the same fervor he reserves for golf and he’s an avid reader of novels.

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