Ralph PierroOperations Associate

Year joined H.G. Wellington:



Client service is a high priority at Wellington Shields, Ralph utilizes his vast operational experience to make sure that things run smoothly behind the scenes for the best overall client experience.

Previous Experience/Career Highlights:

Ralph has been associated with Wellington Shields or its predecessor firms for 51 years as of June 2018. Ralph was all set to be a pharmacist, studying at Brooklyn College of Pharmacy when a family financial crisis compelled Ralph to seek employment on Wall Street and he made a career change. Ralph began his career in the operations area of Empire Trust which became The Bank of New York. Two years later he joined H.G. Wellington & Company as an Order Clerk. He remained with Wellington when they merged with McMullen & Hard in 1978, Stillman, Maynard & Co. in 1986 and Shields & Company in 2009. During most of that time most back office functions were manual and Ralph was the Head of P&S, Margins and Dividends. He also handled all the cage-related issues including receiving and delivering and transfers.

Other Interests and/or Affiliations:

Ralph enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors. He has a very close family and spends most of his free time with his wife and grandchildren.

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