Jason WeissmanSenior Director, Equity Risk Management

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Jason Weissman is the Senior Director of the Equity Risk Management Division at Wellington Shields & Co, LLC.Jason joined Wellington to develop and manage our Equity Risk Management, Strategic Option Solutions, and Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Management practices.

Previous Experience/Career Highlights:

Prior to joining us, Mr. Weissman was at Bishop Rosen & Co. Inc. where he built and served as the Senior Director of their Equity Risk Management Division. At Bishop Rosen, Mr. Weissman counseled officers, directors, and high-level employees of publicly-traded corporations regarding strategies for their ESPP, ESOP plans, and respective concentrated equity and options holdings.

Before his tenure at Bishop Rosen, Mr. Weissman was at Wachovia Securities and was a member of the Chairman’s Circle of Excellencethe Director’s Club and the Chairman’s Advisory Circle. At Wachovia, Mr. Weissman was the Northeast Advisor who counseled publicly traded corporations about their ESPP and ESOP plans. Prior to his work with Wachovia, Mr. Weissman served as a Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley, where he first began to create concentrated asset management and risk-adjusted portfolio strategies. At Morgan Stanley, he was a recognized member of both the Director’s Club and President’s Club. Mr. Weissman earned a number of merit awards, including the Award for Outstanding Achievement and the National Sales Director Award. Mr. Weissman began his career at Gruntal, where he served as an Associate Financial Advisor.

“Equity Risk Management. A better way to own stocks."
Jason Weissman
Senior Director

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