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Our roots as a broker dealer and New York Stock Exchange member date back to 1925. Currently in our tenth decade of operation as one of its oldest independent members, we maintain our commitment to the NYSE as an operator of “the leading and most liquid group of equities and equity options exchanges.”

Our agency trading desk serves both our investment and wealth management clients with prompt and efficient execution of orders in the marketplace. We have access to sophisticated order management and routing technologies and algorithms that we utilize in conjunction with our significant NYSE floor presence in pursuit of best execution on behalf of our clients.

Our fixed income capabilities demonstrate our extensive expertise in serving advisory and brokerage clients’ needs in municipal bonds, high grade corporate bonds, U.S government securities and agency securities.

Wellington Shields utilizes multiple trading platforms with various routing possibilities. Investors are advised that system availability and response times may be subject to market conditions.

Wellington Shields NYSE Floor Group

Rob Gasparino, David Shields, Joe Dente, Eugene Roseo, John Monaco, James Matthews, Bill McInerney (left to right)

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