Equities Perspective – March 1, 2019

DJIA:  25,916 They say all good things must end  …  in markets they just get priced-in.  The trade news Monday morning was plenty good enough for a rally, and the market did just that—for all of two hours.  The good news we’re seeing now is why markets are up [...]

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2018 Fourth Quarter Review

WELCOME TO 2019 The S&P 500 fell 6.2% last year, not including dividends. Volatility picked up as central banks became less accommodating with both federal funds hikes and balance sheet drain. The European Central Bank also started tapering. Most asset classes struggled while the U.S. yield curve flattened. Equity [...]

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Equities Perspective – January 18, 2019

DJIA: 24,370 Rumors of their death are greatly exaggerated  …  said Mark Twain about the FANG stocks.  From September 20, when the S&P peaked at a record, the FANG stocks on average had fallen 27% through Christmas Eve.  Since then, there has been what you might call a resurgence, [...]

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Equities Perspective – December 21, 2018

DJIA:  22,860 The Fed disappointed … the market did so even more.  There was little comfort in Chairman Powell’s remarks, and possibly just the opposite.  Still, worse was the market’s reaction.  The market has gotten crushed—the worst December since the Great Depression.  In terms of advance-declines, the “average stock,” [...]

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Great Lakes Review 4Q Quarterly

For 37 years the Great Lakes Review has reached out for "best-in-class," medium-sized, under-owned, and under-followed companies located in the Midwest no matter what the industry. GLR 4Q18 Quarterly PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the firm and any affiliated person or entity 1) either does not own any, or [...]

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2018 Third Quarter Review

In an unusual showing, stocks—as measured by the S&P 500—advanced with relative strength in the third quarter. Early October has seen a pullback which, as of this writing, has yet to be contained. Mid-October is traditionally the start of the year-end rally, and midterm election years are even more [...]

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