Equities Perspective – December 20, 2019

DJIA:  28,377 Turtle Dove  …  or Black Swan?  The trade war, impeachment, Brexit, all have had their moments, but none have proven the market’s undoing.  And so it goes.  The “knowns” rarely prove the problem, it’s those nasty unknowns.  The obvious catch is how to know the unknowns.  In [...]

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Great Lakes Review 4Q 2019 – Farewell & Picks for 2020

For 37 years the Great Lakes Review has reached out for “best-in-class,” medium-sized, under-owned, and under-followed companies located in the Midwest no matter what the industry. GLR 4Q19 Quarterly PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the firm and any affiliated person or entity 1) either does not own any, or [...]

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Equities Perspective – December 13, 2019

DJIA:  28,132 The most wonderful time of the year  …  if often a little confusing.  Hedge funds don’t seem confused.  After being under-exposed for much of the year, in the past week there has been an abrupt change—equity funds are now carrying their highest exposure since the beginning of [...]

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Equities Perspective – November 15, 2019

DJIA:  27,782 Little things mean a lot  …  even divergences.  A year ago last October, it took only three days of higher highs in the Dow and negative advance/declines to unleash the havoc that was last year’s fourth quarter.  The backdrop here, however, seems much different.  The Advance/Decline Index [...]

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Dudack Research Group’s US Strategy Weekly: Breaching the Highs

This is destined to be a busy week. The next few days will include a first look at third quarter GDP, the October FOMC meeting, personal income and expenditures for September, the Fed’s favorite inflation benchmark - the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) deflator - for September, the ISM Manufacturing [...]

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2019 Third Quarter Review – The Home Stretch

Stocks rose modestly in the third quarter, but the S&P 500 is roughly flat versus a year ago, while bond yields are down approximately 160 basis points. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates in September and December of 2018 and cut them in July and September of this year. [...]

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Equities Perspective – September 27, 2019

DJIA:  26,891 Utilities  …  the new Software?  It would seem so, in terms of performance.  Utilities are performing the way you might expect Software to perform and Software is worse than the Utilities on a bad day.  Somehow this doesn’t sit too well with us—we don’t like to see [...]

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