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Our clients have a wide range of interests, circumstances and goals. We understand the importance of working with you as your trusted partner to help navigate through the alternatives.

Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Our advisors understand firsthand what it takes to build and maintain a successful career and business. Each business situation is unique, and specific needs often require a tailored solution. As a trusted advisor to a wide range of professionals and entrepreneurs, we provide expertise and thoughtful guidance in investment management and financial planning, including tax planning, trusts and estates, and succession planning.

Individuals & Families

We help our clients navigate the complexity and confusion endemic to today’s financial markets. Our professionals take the time to fully understand your needs and goals, so that we can craft the right investment and planning solutions for you and your family.

Multi-Generational Families

Preserving and growing wealth through generations is a special challenge, and should be managed with the same dedication, care and intelligent decision-making that built the wealth in the first place. We help our clients with financial planning and family office administration, as well as educating the next generation about the responsibilities involved in stewarding family wealth.

How We’ve Helped

Estate Planning

A client had to have an emergency operation and was worried about her daughter being able to have immediate access to her wealth should something go wrong. That evening, our advisor drove three hours to the hospital in order to have the client sign “transfer on death” papers—putting her greatly at ease before going into surgery.

Restructuring a Trust

A client received a significant inheritance from his parents that was in a restrictive and conservative trust. Our advisor worked with the client and bank trust department to get the money invested in a portfolio that had fewer restrictions and more closely tracked the equity market.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

When a client’s grandchild needed a down-payment for his first home, we assisted our client in structuring an estate gift as a loan to help him with the purchase.

Identifying Potential Tax Savings

Our advisors keep up with the lives of their clients. One couple recently sold their second home after making substantial improvements to the property. Our advisor recommended that they thoroughly review their capital improvements. This led to significantly more tax savings than they originally assumed.

Retirement Planning

One of our advisors was remodeling a guest bathroom. The plumber asked him what he did for a living. Hearing “Financial Advisor,” the plumber asked for an opinion on a stock. His wife had come into a small inheritance and they were thinking about a particular company to invest in, to start saving toward retirement. This led to a conversation with the plumber and his wife about developing an investment strategy for their future retirement.


Upon the passing of her husband, a client wanted to plan for her health and well-being without laying burden on her children.  Our advisor recommended she exchange her current variable universal life insurance policy for a hybrid long-term care/life insurance policy.  After reviewing options, she was able to exchange her current policy for a hybrid that offered a similar death benefit with a lower monthly payment, protecting the payout to her estate. But more importantly, it provided a long term care benefit that removed financial burden from her children.

Concentrated Risk Management

Prior to working with our Equity Risk Management group, a client holding a concentrated position was concerned with his passive approach. He worried that his market risk was not mitigated and complained of having wild swings in his net worth that was comprised of, in his words, “paper profits.” Jason Weissman worked up several scenarios to show how the client could leverage his stock and options equity to reduce risks due to market fluctuation and generate income.

Education Funding

After hearing that a client became a grandparent, our advisor contacted them to congratulate them and discussed the merits of establishing a 529 education account versus a UTMA account.

The experiences of these clients may not be representative of the experience of others.  These clients’ experiences are no guarantee of future performance or success.

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