The Great Lakes Review (GLR), located in Cleveland, OH and founded in 1982, looks for stock picks in companies with market capitalizations of $450 million to $25 billion (average $3.0 billion) headquartered in the Midwest. The Review emphasizes companies that have a specialty niche generally reflected in continuous growth in earnings at high rates with high returns on equity and sales, self-funding balance sheets, heavy insider ownership, minimal institutional exposure and ownership and, obviously, strong managements.

The service, designed for institutional investors, includes the following:

  • The Quarterly (which is thematic) accompanied by a Statistical Summary of our universe of thirty companies (see attachment);
  • individual company reports;
  • company-specific updates on timely events; and
  • a Weekly Update with a Stock Highlight of the Week.


Founder and Managing Director of the Great Lakes Review is Elliott L. Schlang, who had been an Executive Vice President of the regional firm Prescott, Ball & Turben; and a Senior Vice President at Kidder, Peabody. A graduate of Yale University and the Harvard Business School, and a Chartered Financial Analyst, Elliott has been the subject of feature articles in Forbes Magazine, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, Fortune, Money, Barron’s and other financial periodicals.

Jason Rogers Vice President, also researches and analyzes the 30 companies on the Great Lakes Review. Prior to joining the GLR in 2003, Jason worked for RAV Financial Services, Inc., a Cleveland-based money management firm. Jason earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from John Carroll University and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Orders may be placed with Wellington Shields & Co. LLC at 212.742.9570—credit Great Lakes Review. Alternatives include cash payment or our invoicing payment from soft dollar credit balances at any third-party brokerage firm of your choice.

Please phone us at 216.767.1340; fax 216.767.1341 or e-mail

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